September 22 is Athlon64 day

AMD has unintentionally revealed what looks like the Athlon64's official launch date, September 22. In addition to desktop Athlon64 processors, it looks like AMD will also be announcing a mobile Athlon64-M on that date. An Opteron 246, presumably clocked at 2GHz, is apparently slated for an August 4 debut, too.

With the Athlon64's official launch date revealed, attention may focus on release dates for Microsoft's AMD64 version of Windows XP and any applications that will be optimized for AMD's new 64-bit platform. At this point, I've seen nothing to suggest that the AMD64 version of Windows XP will come any earlier than the end of the year, which makes me hope that AMD can somehow bundle a beta or release candidate version of the OS with every Athlon64 it sells.

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