New Lindows version runs off a CD

Arguably Linux's best chance among mainstream users, Lindows has a new tool in its bid to take over desktops: The LindowsCD. What is the LindowsCD? A compressed version of Lindows 4.0 that runs off a single CD so users don't have to worry about sacrificing a system, hard drive, or even partition to fool around with the operating system.

In addition to many of the operating system's core features, the LindowsCD includes business applications compatible with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files along with support for MP3 and Real Audio playback. Overall, that should be enough for most mainstream desktop users.

The LindowsCD will be free to current Lindows owners, but cost $29.95 on its own. If Lindows' primary goal is to attract new users, I wonder if giving away the CD for free might have been a better idea. Current Lindows users can always pass out their free CD to friends in an attempt to evangelize the platform, but I wonder how many more users would be exposed to Lindows if the CD were available as a free download or even bundled with PC hardware.

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