Intel predicts huge notebook sales

According to this story over at DigiTimes, Intel is predicting huge mobile sales for the end of this year when it launches its new Dothan core Pentium M processor. Current Banias core Pentium M processors use 0.13-micron technology and feature 1MB of L2 cache, but Dothan will shrink the manufacturing process to 0.09-micron and double the L2 cache to 2MB. In addition the clock-for-clock performance advantage Dothan's larger L2 cache will yield, the chip's 0.09-micron manufacturing process promises clock speeds up to 2GHz by next year; Banias tops out at 1.7GHz.

Notebooks based on the new Dothan Pentium Ms should be available in time for Christmas, which will push down prices for laptops based on the current Pentium M processor. By the fall, it's predicted that all major manufacturers will have Centrino-based notebooks available for under $1100, which should delight cash-strapped students looking for cheap wireless notebooks.

Overall, I don't blame Intel for being bullish. The Pentium M has shown itself to be quite a capable processor, and it will only improve with higher clock speeds and more cache. Bundling the Pentium M into the Centrino brand name makes a lot of sense, too, especially since I can see wireless networking being the next killer app for notebooks.

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