SGI to use graphics technology from ATI

SGI has announced its new Onyx4 UltimateVision visualization systems, which according to this story over at C|Net, will use workstation-class graphics technology from ATI. Previously, SGI had used proprietary graphics technology in its Onyx systems.

No details are available on which of ATI's GPUs will be used in the Onyx4, and SGI's press release doesn't even reveal ATI as a graphics chip supplier. However, the press release does reveal the system can use as little as two and as many as 32 graphics processors. That should be enough for Doom 3, shouldn't it?

The Onyx4's starting price of $45,000 may be more than what many enthusiasts spend on a decade's worth of hardware, but the systems are designed for applications like oil exploration, medical imaging, and automobile modeling. Traditionally, high-end visualization systems like the Onyx have shied away from off-the-shelf graphics technology, but it looks like the features and capabilities of the new wave of DirectX 9-class hardware is changing all that.

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