Is widescreen the way to go?

My tendency to spend an obscene number of hours in front of my computer has had me enamored with LCD screens for a while now. I'm currently running a couple of LCDs on my main workstation and adding a third for a little TripleHead action has actually crossed my mind more than a few times. Three 15" LCDs would give me an ultra-wide desktop resolution of 3072x768, which seems perfect for my usually three-pronged multi-tasking: Excel on the left, UltraEdit in the middle, and Internet Explorer on the right.

But I digress. What I'm really trying to get at is GamePC's latest review of Philips' 170W4P widescreen LCD, which boasts a display resolution of 1280x768. Widescreen LCD displays like the 170W4P are certainly nothing new, but it seems that they're slowly becoming more popular, which makes me wonder if widescreen might be the way to go.

While gaming support for widescreen displays is currently limited, I don't see any other real disadvantages to the format. In fact, I think I'd actually prefer a widescreen LCD whose desktop area could more easily accommodate a main application window and Winamp playlist or Trillian buddy list side-by-side. Are current 4:3 displays still the way to go, or could widescreen be the way of the future?

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