Prescott-based Celerons to ride 533MHz FSB

The Inquirer is reporting that Intel's Prescott-based Celerons will ride a 533MHz front-side bus. Unfortunately, there's no word on how much L2 cache the new Celerons will have, but I wouldn't expect more than 512KB. Given the paltry 128KB L2 cache of current Celerons, I wouldn't be shocked to see Intel cripple Prescott-based Celerons with only 256KB of L2 cache, either.

The new Celerons, which will reportedly be released in the first half of next year, will apparently be compatible with current Springdale- and Canterwood-based motherboards. However, how much of a performance upgrade the new Celerons will offer over Intel's current Pentium 4 processors remains to be seen.

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