AMD and Intel file second quarter results

AMD and Intel have both filed their financial results for the second quarter of this year, but the two reports couldn't be more different. Tuesday, Intel reported second quarter revenues of $6.8 billion and a net income of $896 million for an earnings per share of $0.14. Yesterday, AMD announced sales of $645 million and a net loss of $140 million that translates to a loss per share of $0.40.

At least as far as desktop products go, Intel's execution in the second quarter was flawless. During the quarter, Intel revealed its Canterwood and Springdale chipsets in addition to a new line of Pentium 4 "C" processors. To its credit, AMD finally brought Opteron to market in the second quarter, but desktops are still waiting for September's Athlon 64 launch. We'll have to wait a little while still to see whether the 64-bit tag team of Opteron and the Athlon 64 can help bring AMD back to profitability. Meanwhile, it looks like Intel has enough cash up its sleeve for a few more price cuts.

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