MSN Messenger 6 released with file sharing support

Version 6.0 of Microsoft's popular MSN Messenger software is now available for download. MSN Messenger 6.0 supports truly groundbreaking new features like an extra 60 emoticons, custom backgrounds, and integrated web cam and audio support. Alright, that's enough sarcasm for this news post.

On a more serious note, Messenger 6.0 does support something called Launch Sites, which allow users to play games together and more importantly share files. As far as I can tell, the new file sharing feature goes beyond simple point-to-point transfers and will work with any file type. However, it seems doubtful that Microsoft would offer the feature without a few caveats; at the very least, I'd expect sharing to be limited to only a handful of users.

If Messenger 6.0's file sharing feature is at least robust enough to allow groups of friends to share a large number of files without hassle, the RIAA, MPAA, and BSA could have one more potential target to add to their respective hit lists.

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