Centrino to get Celeron treatment

DigiTimes is reporting that Intel will launch a low-cost Celeron version of its Pentium M processor next year. The new Banias-based Celerons will feature half of the current Pentium M's 1MB L2 cache and be manufactured using 0.13-micron process technology. Keep in mind that by the time these new Centrino Celerons are available, Intel is scheduled to have launched Dothan-core Pentium M processors built with 0.09-micron process technology. Dothan should have a whopping 2MB of L2 cache, which fits Intel's current pattern of introducing Celerons with a quarter of the cache of their high-end counterparts.

According to the article, the Centrino Celerons will launch at 1.3GHz in the first quarter of next year; higher clock speeds will come in the following quarter. By 2004, 1.3GHz chips with 512KB of cache will probably look pretty weak, but Intel is targeting the chips at $1,000 notebooks and $1,299 Tablet PCs where the lure of Wi-Fi connectivity may be even more important than processor performance.

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