Microsoft settles $1.1 billion class action suit

C|Net has the scoop on a tentative $1.1 billion settlement for a California class action suit to compensate those overcharged for Windows:
The ruling by San Francisco Superior Court Judge Paul Alvarado allows the settlement to proceed to the next step, during which consumers and corporations in the state will be notified that they may qualify for vouchers ranging in value from $5 to $29. The vouchers can be used to buy most hardware or software products from any manufacturer.
The wording of the settlement will be finalized on two months, after which Californians will have another two months to make their claim. To see if you qualify, check out this FAQ.

Given the success of the California class action suit, I wonder how long it will be before Microsoft is shelling out money to other states or perhaps even the country as a whole. Academic discounts have always saved me from high retail prices, but if California can squeeze $1.1 billion out of Redmond, I'd expect many more will come 'round looking for their due.

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