Xeon DP with 1MB L3 cache reviewed

Ronald already beat me to this story in the Shortbread, but I thought I'd give it a little extra love. GamePC has an interesting review up of Intel's new Xeon DP, which features 1MB of L3 cache. The chip is compared to a wide range of L3-less Xeons from Intel, a stack of Athlon MPs from AMD, and even a dual Opteron 242.

GamePC's testing shows that the Xeon DP's 1MB cache can yield as much as a 10% performance advantage over other Xeons in workstation applications, a trend I'd expect to continue in server environments. Considering it's forced to run 32-bit applications on a 32-bit operating system, AMD's 1.6GHz Opteron 242 doesn't fare too poorly. However, AMD will either need a 64-bit revolution or higher clock speeds if it wants to keep up with Intel in the workstation world.

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