Does this qualify as a bad day or a good day? I mean, that wouldn't exactly be my favorite experience, but he came out of it pretty well, all things considered.

I've resisted it until now, but I'm going to have to set up a fax number for TR soon. Somehow, people think documents and signatures scanned into a buffer and transmitted over a modem are magically real in a way an e-mail attachment isn't. I guess I'm going to have to play along. Any of you guys have recommendations on an Internet-based fax service? I'd like to receive faxes at a number all my own, and I'd like the number to stay the same long enough to work on business cards and the like. I'm looking for the sort of thing that will e-mail you a faxed document as an attachment. Would be nice to be able to send faxes this way, too.

Instant poll: Do you guys give a flip about workstation class-stuff like Xeons and Quadros and SCSI drives? We pay attention to that stuff, but maybe not enough?

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