Garmin ships GPS-equipped PDA

Garmin has finally released its iQue 3600 handheld, which adds an interesting twist to what could have been a boring Palm OS 5-based PDA. The device is equipped with a 200MHz ARM-based processor, 320x480 color screen, 32MB of memory, an SD card slot, rechargeable battery, audio player, and voice recorder, which are all pretty standard features for today's high-end PDAs. However, Garmin also specs the iQue 3600 with a GPS antenna and mapping and navigation software.

With a list price of nearly $600, the iQue is far from cheap, but it's the only GPS-equipped PDA that I'm aware of and should be perfect for travelers. I can't see Garmin straying too far outside its niche with the iQue, but at the very least the device will add a little extra flavor to the PDA world.

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