Bitboys announces mobile graphics chip

Beyond3D has scooped the next chapter in the bizarre story that is Bitboys. This time around, Bitboys appears to actually have a product to sell. Really.

Instead of attempting to dethrone ATI and NVIDIA from the top of the desktop 3D heap, Bitboys is going after the embedded and handheld market with its new "Acceleon" graphics chips. The Acceleon will come in three flavors:

Acceleon G10™ - As the basis for all subsequent members of the Acceleon™ family, this processor provides hardware acceleration of vector- and 3D-graphics content. The G10™ core is the perfect solution for volume-market embedded devices, accelerating the visual user interface graphics and highly interactive, real-time gaming content.

Acceleon G20™ - A graphics processor for handheld gaming, interactive wireless applications and user interface acceleration. The G20™ core provides a complete feature set for 3D graphics rendering, while retaining full backwards compatibility with Acceleon G10™. Provided are features such as textured triangle rendering, pixel color processing, shading, texture filtering and image anti-aliasing.

Acceleon G30™ - A state-of-the-art 3D graphics processor for handheld devices, providing performance and scalability for even the most demanding mobile games and applications. The G30™ graphics processor supports all industry standard graphics APIs, including an early version of OpenGL® ES 1.0. Support of graphics standards provides a safe, solid platform for application developers. Cross-platform applications and games can be executed with high frame rates and with superb image quality.

To improve image quality on the kinds of low resolution displays typically found in handheld devices, the Acceleons support hardware antialiasing with supposedly no performance impact. Bitboys is supposed to demo the Acceleon at Siggraph this week, but could they actually have a real live working graphics chip? We'll soon see.
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