Soyo's Mini DRAGON SFF system reviewed

HotHardware has a review of Soyo's first stab at the small form factor market, the Mini DRAGON 651. As its name suggests, the system is based on SiS's dated 651 platform, so it won't immediately appeal to performance enthusiasts. The Mini DRAGON does have an AGP slot, but no PCI expansion capabilities and only two-channel integrated audio, so it's a little rough around the edges. However, the system's two-part modular design and external power supply are certainly unique.

For now, it looks like the Mini DRAGON has a few too many shortcomings to be a viable competitor against Shuttle's refined XPC line and its copycats, or even MSI's innovative MEGA PC. However, with an updated chipset and nip and tuck here and there, enthusiasts could have another interesting option to consider when looking for a small form factor system.

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