Sony reveals PSP details

Wired has some intriguing details on Sony's upcoming "PSP" handheld gaming platform, which won't be released until the end of next year. The device will integrate two microprocessors, an advanced 3D graphics engine, and wireless networking technologies in a bid to become not only a gaming platform, but also a portable media viewer. Given Sony's stake in both game development and audio/video content generation, I'd expect the PSP to integrate just enough DRM technology to keep casual pirates away.

Craving more details? Check out Beyond3D's coverage of some of the device's finer points. Particularly interesting is the PSP's use of a 1.8GB Universal Media Disc capable of 11Mbps transfer rates, a 16:9 widescreen display, 0.09-micron semiconductor process, and 7.1-channel 3D audio. Honestly, I'm not sure how useful 7.1-channel audio will be for a portable device, but there's more than a year between now and the PSP's launch, so anything's possible.

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