Possible pattern discovered in RIAA's hit list

I noticed over at Slashdot that Slyck News has been tracing a pattern in the RIAA's latest wave of subpoenas against peer-to-peer music traders. Though they haven't been able to work through all of the thousand or so subpoenas that the RIAA has reportedly filed, they have noticed a pattern with the few they've been able to examine and are compiling a list of "trigger" songs that the RIAA seems to be targeting.

Having a list of songs that the RIAA is keying on with its legal blitz may allow P2P traders to stay out of the crosshairs for the time being, but I think it could be more interesting to use the list to get caught. I'm all for the rights of copyright holders, but it would be amusing to see a daring P2P user share otherwise legal MP3s with song titles that match what may be on the RIAA's hit list, just to see what might happen.

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