Pac Bell challenges RIAA on technicalities

As the RIAA spams service providers with subpoenas, one ISP is taking a stand against what it's calling the misapplication of subpoena power:
Pac Bell claims that more than 200 subpoenas seeking file-sharers' e-mail addresses were issued from the wrong jurisdiction. And the recording industry's demand for information on multiple file-sharers cannot be grouped under one subpoena, and that the demands themselves are overly broad, Pac Bell said.
Pac Bell may have a point about the scope and filing jurisdiction of the RIAA's subpoenas, but the recording industry isn't going down without a fight:
"This procedural gamesmanship will not ultimately change the underlying fact that when individuals engage in copyright infringement on the Internet, they are not anonymous and service providers must reveal who they are," the RIAA said.
Months ago, Verizon rebuked the RIAA's demands for customer information. However, the RIAA eventually won that case and it looks like Pac Bell may be the only ISP willing to take a stand this time around.
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