Senator wants information on RIAA subpoenas

US Senator Norm Coleman is requesting additional information from the RIAA on its latest wave of legal attacks against peer-to-peer file traders:
The senator asked for five pieces of information when he penned the letter to Cary Sherman, president of the RIAA: Copies of all the subpoenas, a description of the standard the RIAA uses to file an application for a subpoena, and an explanation of how the group is collecting evidence against alleged file sharers. Coleman also wants to know how the RIAA is protecting computer users' privacy and how the trade lobby is protecting people from erroneous subpoenas.
Of course, the Senator doesn't actually support P2P song swapping; he just wants to clarify the RIAA's tactics. The RIAA has promised to answer the Senator's request for information, but it's doubtful that any answer will appease P2P supporters who have been railing against the RIAA for years.
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