Hyper-Threading to go mobile in Pentium 4P

The Inquirer is reporting Intel will migrate Hyper-Threading technology to its mobile processors in the Pentium 4P. The Pentium 4P will be available between 2.66 and 3.20GHz and targeted at desktop replacement notebooks where power consumption and heat output are lesser concerns. It's not clear whether the new mobile chips will incorporate an 800MHz front-side bus or be paired with a chipset supporting dual-channel memory, but it's probably safe to assume the Pentium 4P will get some sort of SpeedStep treatment to reduce heat and power consumption.

With essentially two mobile lines in the Mobile Pentium 4 and Pentium M, Intel can cater to both lightweight laptops and more powerful desktop replacement notebooks without making sacrifices for one platform or the other. Will AMD imitate Intel's mobile strategy with a low-power version of the Athlon XP for lightweight laptops and a beefier Athlon 64 for desktop replacement systems? They might, though a fresh set of leaked Athlon 64 notebook specs suggests the Athlon 64 could be quite comfortable in sub-3.5 kg notebooks currently powered by the mobile Athlon XP. Of course, how frugal a mobile Athlon 64 can be with power remains to be seen.

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