Red Hat stands up to SCO

In a move designed to not only protect its own customers, but also the Linux community as a whole, Red Hat has announced that it's taking legal action against SCO to prove that Red Hat's products don't infringe on any of SCO's intellectual property. The legal action is also meant to uncover what Red Hat is calling "unfair and deceptive" actions on the part of SCO.

To further protect the Linux community from legal challenges, Red Hat is also putting up $1 million in an Open Source Now Fund. The fund would cover the legal expenses of any open source software company challenged with infringement claims.

Thus far, many in the Linux community have called into question the legitimacy of SCO's copyright infringement claims, but without legal challenge, SCO has been able to keep its cards close to its chest. Now, thanks to Red Hat, SCO may finally be forced to reveal those cards and prove its case. Let's hope they're not holding aces.

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