Wow. We have a lot of new hardware coming our way in the next couple months. This should be a fun time to hang out around here. Will be a lot of work for us, if you can call playing with new hardware "work."

Yesterday was something of a banner day here at TR, as Geoff's PSU round-up helped set the all-time record for single-day site traffic. Our relatively new web server got a real test, and it came through with flying colors. The site was snappy as ever. The server only has 2GB of RAM in it right now, because we had a bad DIMM way back when we set it up, and I haven't wanted to take it down and lose our uptime. However, we will have to get that DIMM installed, because we darn near ran out of RAM today at the peak. We were pushing through 17Mbps of sustained traffic and running over 1200 concurrent Apache servers, plus some similar number of MySQL instances. Not bad for one box.

Some of you may have noticed that I haven't written a proper review for a while here. There are a couple of reasons for that. I sunk a fair amount of time into researching some things for future articles, and I've also been dealing with multiple anomalies in testing some pre-release hardware. I'm pleased to report those issues have been worked out, and I should have a new review out soon.

By the way, Geoff gave our new oscilloscope its first workout in putting together his PSU round-up, and we should have more 'scope-based tests coming. If you have ideas about how we can put this baby to use, let us know. Ideas accompanied by specific suggestions about how to test are most helpful. It will take some time for us to incorporate all your ideas, but we'd like to start collecting them now.

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