Intel cuts back delivery of 533MHz FSB processors

DigiTimes is reporting that Intel is cutting back shipments of 533MHz front-side bus processors:
Distributors are not happy about Intel’s strategy, as Intel is only on average fulfilling 30-40% of orders placed by distributors for 533MHz FSB-supporting CPUs, according to sources. Intel’s move is limiting potential sales for the distributors at a time when demand for the 533MHz FSB standard and supporting components are at an all-time high due it its lower costs, sources added.
On Pricewatch, 800MHz front-side bus processors cost between $20 and $40 more than their 533MHz FSB counterparts, so it's easy to see why there's still demand for older chips. Not everyone needs Hyper-Threading or a new chipset, even if it supports dual-channel memory and south bridge Serial ATA.

To help phase out the 533MHz front-side bus, Intel will release low-end 848P and 865GV chipsets this month. The 848P and 865G both support an 800MHz front-side bus, but it may take another price cut for the Pentium 4 2.4C to really kill off demand for 533MHz FSB parts.

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