Friday night topic: The spam survey

Having my e-mail address plastered all over this web site here, I get so much unsolicited junk e-mail, it's hard to understand what others' experiences are like. And I'm curious. Sooooo.. I'll ask. How does spam factor into your daily life? How many messages do you receive, and from how many different sources (if you can tell)? Do you use tools to filter or manage your spam, and if so, which ones? Have you ever clicked on a link in spam? Bought a product? (Be honest, now.) And have you noticed a massive acceleration in the amount of spam you receive in the last 6-12 months? Also, if you are a network admin, what have you done to counter spam in your workplace? Have you ever gone hunting for a spammer?

I'll start. I receive about 120 spam messages (including viruses) in a given 24-hour period, from a wide variety of sources. We use the ORDB DNS blacklist to stop spam from known-open SMTP relays. I never see the messages blocked in this way, so I don't actually know how many spam messages are aimed my way in a given day. 120 or so make it through. I use Popfile to filter out the spam that hits my inbox, as I've mentioned before, and it is remarkably accurate. However, I still have to scan the filtered mail for false positives each day. I have never clicked a spam link except when I was trying to trace the source of a message for the purpose of preventing future mailings or hunting down spammers, and I've never bought anything via spam.

How about you? Discuss.

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