Sony's Wi-Fi PDA reviewed

The Wall Street Journal has a pretty favorable review of Sony's new Wi-Fi handheld, the Clie UX50. The device gets high marks for its wireless networking capabilities and gorgeous screen, but loses points for its lack of a predictive keyboard and relatively high price. The UX50 retails for $700, which is quite expensive for a PDA, but perhaps reasonable considering the device's 450x320 swivel screen, 6.2 ounce weight, and integrated 802.11b. It looks like UX50's battery life isn't too bad, either. Batteries can apparently last for days, though constant audio playback or Wi-Fi usage drops battery life down to 16 or 4.5 hours, respectively.

If my area had better Wi-Fi coverage, I'd be itching to get at the UX50 right away. As it stands, I can probably restrain my geek lust until at least the first round of price cuts, but after that the temptation will probably be too much.

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