AMD loses mobile market share to Intel

The Register is reporting that Intel's Centrino mobile platform helped the processor giant capture notebook market share from rival AMD in the second quarter of this year. AMD's market share dropped 2.5% over the quarter to rest at 10.6%, while Intel gained 2.8% to finish with 88.1% of notebooks. I suspect that Centrino helped Intel steal a sliver of market share from Transmeta's Crusoe, too.

AMD's promised mobile Athlon 64 processors could give Centrino a run for its money. However, Intel is reportedly prepping Pentium 4P notebook chips that will support Hyper-Threading and possible dual-channel memory on an 800MHz front-side bus. At this point, I'm wondering if it might be a good idea for AMD to emulate Intel's Centrino brand and bundle Wi-Fi connectivity with at least its mobile Athlon XPs. Since Centrino currently only supports 802.11b, AMD could even buy itself a Wi-Fi edge by making its wireless platform 802.11g right off the bat.

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