Mobo manufacturers expect limited Athlon 64 volume

DigiTimes has put together an update on ALi, SiS, and VIA's Athlon 64 chipsets but the article contains a disturbing assertion about volume shipments of AMD's upcoming 64-bit desktop chip:
According to local motherboard company sources, supply of the AMD new processors is expected to be limited initially but volume shipments should start in early 2004.
AMD could be limiting volume production of the Athlon 64 until the AMD64 version of Windows XP ships, or more likely, motherboard manufacturers could simply be referring to the 940- and 939-pin versions of the chip. Unfortunately, it looks like the 940- and 939-pin flavors of the chip will be the only ones to support dual-channel memory, and if they're rare, you can bet that they won't be cheap.
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