Howdy from Quakecon. This is a very cool event, and we'll have lots to share with you guys over the next few days.

An interesting observation: AMD and NVIDIA are both title sponsors for this year's Quakecon, and one can't help but notice the closeness of cooperation between the two companies. AMD and NVIDIA share a press briefing room, and they're doing joint briefings. Folks are talking in hushed tones about what it all means, and there are rumors of similarities in future product naming between the two, as well. What will it all add up to? I dunno. Maybe nothing other than some friendly CPU/chipset synergy. But, as one observer put it, it's "cute" to see AMD and NVIDIA so cuddly.

Another juicy tidbit: Turns out the star of Abit's engineering ranks left a while back to head up DFI's motherboard development efforts. This cuddly engineer designed a number of great Abit boards, including the classic dual-Celeron BP6. His arrival helps explain how DFI was able to crank out those swanky LANParty boards after making stodgy OEM mobos for so many years.

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