Abit SFF system aims for home theater

QUAKECON — Abit is showing off its upcoming small-form-factor system here at Quakecon. Although it's obvious this is a pre-production prototype of the system, it still looks slick. Abit's design taking cues from MSI's MEGA PC line and from various home stereo systems. The system has an LCD display that shows hardware monitoring information, and the enclosure has enough room in it for a pair of 5.25" DVD or CD drives, plus a couple of PCI cards. As you can see, there's a remote control, as well.

A cover on the system's front hides unsightly DVD drives

With the front faceplate open, drive bays and ports are revealed
The front cover retracts into a slot next to the hinge, so the system looks good with leave the drive bays and ports exposed.

The LCD readout shows CPU clock speed

Abit's first small-form-factor box will host a Pentium 4 processor using a motherboard based on the 865G chipset. If Abit can get the fit and finish cleaned up on final-rev systems, this may well be the box to have for building a home-theater PC.
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