VIA's dual Opteron with AGP benchmarked

QUAKECON — VIA is showing its K8T800 chipset here using MSI's dual-Opteron workstation board, the MS-9130. This board is probably the world's first dual-Opteron mobo with an AGP slot, which makes it rather special. In conduct unbecoming a workstation, this board is enclosed in a blue-light-bathed modded case with window. Peering inside, it looks like so:

The guts of the K8T800 box
Speaking of conduct unbecoming, when no one from VIA was looking, I fired off a few benchmarks on the board, which is running a pair of Opteron 244 1.8GHz processors, a GeForce FX 5900 (Ultra??), and 2GB of registered DDR333 memory. In 3DMark2001 SE, the machine scored 15,792 3DMarks. You can see detailed scores here. In Quake III Arena's demo001, the box churned out 283.7 fps. SiSoft Sandra's memory bandwidth benchmark shows especially impressive performance for an Opteron system:

I'm used to seeing scores in the 3800s from dual-channel Opteron configs. Curious, I checked the memory timings, and they were set very aggressively (CAS 2 and the like).

Of course, with the memory controllers embedded in the processors, we should probably be able to expect similar memory performance with other chipsets. The K8T800 chipset, which is dual-processor capable and works with the Opteron, will also support the single-processor Athlon 64 on its launch.

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