Shuttle cubes the Athlon 64

XPC systems were prominent among the computers in the bring-your-own-computer (BYOC) area at Quakecon this year, and out on the show floor, Shuttle's Athlon 64 cube was on display.

This mock-up actually looks a little different from how the final product should look. The model number for the first Athlon 64 XPC ends in "G4," signifying that a new front faceplate look will debut for this new system. As I understand it, the G4 faceplate design should have an LCD display and controls for MP3 playback. Playing MP3s will not require booting into the OS.

Shuttle was also showing off XPC carrying bags to the Quakecon faithful. The original little silver carry bags are nifty, but the new, larger black bags are even better, with room for a keyboard, mouse, and a bottle of Bawls.

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