Next Xbox could use Pentium M

There's some interesting speculation over at The Inquirer that Microsoft's next Xbox console may use a modified version of Intel's Pentium M processor. To date, all we know about Redmond's next console is that it will use graphics chips from ATI. No official announcements have been made about which CPU the next Xbox will use, but it's probably safe to assume that Intel will be providing the chip.

The Pentium M's great performance, low power consumption, and relatively low heat output make it an ideal candidate for game consoles. Many have noted that the current Xbox is much larger and louder than competing consoles from Sony and Nintendo, so it seems plausible that Microsoft would tap a chip designed for the cramped confines of blade servers and notebooks.

It would be interesting to see the Pentium M in the next Xbox, but I'm actually more intrigued by the chip's potential in small form factor desktop systems. A Pentium M in a mini-ITX form factor would surely give VIA's EPIA platform a run for its money in both overall performance and power consumption.

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