Apple ships first G5 systems

Apple's web site is proudly proclaiming that Power Mac G5 systems are now shipping. Over 100,000 G5 systems have been ordered since the 64-bit machines were first revealed in June, which is quite impressive. Unfortunately, Mac faithful who ordered the high-end 2GHz model will have to wait until the end of the month for their systems to ship; only the 1.6 and 1.8GHz machines are shipping now.

In typical Apple fashion, the RDF is out in full force. Apple is still claiming that the Power Mac G5 is "the world's 64-bit personal computer" as companies like Boxx Technologies show off comparable 64-bit Opteron systems. All Mac bashing aside, I have to wonder what it is about the RDF that completely takes AMD off Apple's radar. I've yet to see any of Apple's benchmarks so much as mention the Athlon, and Apple's own Senior Vice President of Hardware Engineering seems unaware that Opteron is even a 64-bit chip.

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