id employees interviewed at Quakecon

Thanks to Quakecon, there's plenty of Doom-related content on the web. There are interviews with id's Tim Willits at HomeLAN, Todd Hollenshead at Games Domain, and John Carmack at GameSpy.

In wading through the interviews and a plethora of previews and playing impressions, I've come across a couple of interesting details:

  • John Carmack sees himself writing at least one more rendering engine after the Doom 3 is finished.
  • Doom 3 will have more significant multiplayer content than originally planned; Splash Damage will be creating multiplayer maps that will ship with the game.
  • The number of polygons per scene is actually comparable between Quake III and Doom 3; shaders, bump maps, and lighting are largely responsible for Doom's jaw-dropping visuals.
  • Doom 3's release date may be as late as Spring 2004!
Based on the gameplay impressions and other reports from Quakecon, it seems doubtful that Doom 3 will hit store shelves before the holidays. However, if the game will ship with more robust multiplayer support than we've been expecting, id could whip up a demo/test release long before the game goes gold.
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