Workshop hardened

Over 700 people attended Kyle Bennett's hardware workshop on Saturday at Quakecon. This three-hour event was definitely something unique. The boy wonder himself, the man-child of motherboards now all growed up, Anand Lal Shimpi spoke about processors for the first hour-plus of the workshop, strictly fueled by questions from the audience, primarily about Athlon 64. Anand is very articulate; even knowing the answers to the questions, I enjoyed listening to him speak.

Pictured behind Anand are boxes and boxes of PC hardware components donated by manufacturers for giveaway at the workshop—literally thousands of dollars worth of goodies, including a trio of Shuttle XPCs, gobs of mobos and coolers, and a bunch of GeForce FX cards from the likes of BFG Tech and Gainward. Perhaps the majority of the time was spent drawing numbers and giving away free stuff. Representatives from NVIDIA and VIA also spoke briefly in Q&A format.
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