SCO reveals stolen lines of code, sort of

In an attempt to rally its supporters, SCO is showing off code it claims Linux lifted from Unix. To see most of the copied code, you'll have to sign an NDA, but SCO seems quite confident in what they claim to have found.
"I can understand one or two lines being in common," said Sontag, who is charged with maintaining the company's intellectual property rights surrounding Unix. "But when you're talking about this level of variables being the sameā€¦the comment sections all being the same, it's problematic."

Sontag then showed, in a series of slides, Linux code that he claimed has been literally copied from Unix. He said numerous comments, unusual spellings and typographical errors had also been copied directly into Linux.

One of SCO's more stunning accusations is that 829,000 lines of Linux's SMP code were ripped directly from Unix. However, the number of copied lines of code may end up being moot if the Free Software Foundation can successfully defend the legitimacy of the GPL in court. The FSF has already come out swinging with a scathing response to SCO's claims that the GPL is invalid.

And so the dance continues.

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