Duron to return with "Applebred" core

This story over at The Register cites confirmation from AMD that the Duron will return with an "Applebred" core. The new Durons will apparently run on a 266MHz front-side bus and have 128KB of L1 cache and just 64KB of L2, so don't expect them to be screaming performers. Actually, don't expect them to hit North America in volume, either. The new chips are being targeted at South American and Eastern European markets that have been asking AMD to extend the Duron line.

With today's bargain basement Athlon XP prices, North America probably doesn't need the Duron. Athlon XP 1700+ processors can be had for as little as $46 online, and some retailers are still selling older Durons for as little as $23 for an 800MHz chip.

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