Canterwood-ES drops price of Xeon platform

Ronald already covered this in the 'bread, but GamePC's look at Asus's PC-DL Deluxe Intel 875P motherboard deserves a little extra love. The PC-DL Deluxe is a dual Xeon mobo that uses Intel's Canterwood-ES chipset, and though the board lacks PCI-X support, it's becoming available online for as low as $270. For a dual Xeon board, $270 is cheap.

Benefactors of a recent round of price cuts, Xeon processors are getting pretty cheap, too. Check out the following prices from Pricewatch:

$492 - Xeon 3.0GHz 533FSB
$339 - Xeon 2.8GHz 533FSB
$272 - Xeon 2.66GHz 533FSB
$233 - Xeon 2.4GHz 533FSB
Now compare them with Pricewatch's Opteron prices:
$819 - Opteron 246
$675 - Opteron 244
$455 - Opteron 242
$255 - Opteron 240
Pairing relatively cheap Xeons with a Canterwood-ES board like the PC-DL is certainly a tempting option for servers and workstations that don't need PCI-X or support for more than 4GB of RAM. Heck, the Xeon/Canterwood-ES combo even looks tantalizing for SMP enthusiasts, especially when you consider that the current batch of AGP-equipped dual Opteron boards are hovering around $440.
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