The air conditioner at the office broke today, so I hung around late to get that fixed. It's been over 100 degrees for a week now, and this you Do Not Mess With. The A/C must be fixed. While I waited in the heat for the electrican to help with the A/C outage, our power went out at home, I learned from my wife. The electrician got the A/C going at the office, so I hopped in my car to go home.

The car wouldn't start; the battery was stone dead. I knew it was on the way out, and I had hoped to replace it this evening, but I'd have to get home in order to do that. So I got the car jumped, and lo and behold, I was nearly out of gas. Of course, I couldn't stop for gas without needing another jump start, so I coasted home on vapors and a prayer.

At home, the power was restored. Our cable modem service, however, was out.

Fixed the car, gassed it up, and waited for the cable guys to get their act together. Finally, all is well again. Some days, all you can do is deal with what hits you. We depend so much on technology. When it doesn't work right, we're reminded not to take it for granted.

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