SoBig could get SoBigger

If you think the SoBig worm is annoying now, brace yourself. This story over at CNN Money suggests that the worst is yet to come:
"We expect these to drop off on the second day, but we're not seeing that this time," Sunner said. "The e-mail component built into SoBig is so efficient that it has just reached that critical mass where it's got fertile ground to continue to grow."

Sunner believes the virus will be brought under control but that it could be a major problem until the middle or end of next week.

"I would actually predict we'll see a real spike on Monday," he said. "With so many people on vacation this week, this has sat in [e-mail] trays waiting to strike, and these are the same users who won't have an up-to-date patch to address it."

For me, SoBig has by far had the biggest impact of any Internet worm or virus. It's getting so bad, I'm only opening Outlook a couple of times a day. Normally, I have Outlook running all the time checking for new mail every few minutes.

As unpopular an opinion as it may be among enthusiasts, worms like SoBig reinforce my belief that consumer versions of Windows should apply security and critical updates by default. Users should be able to disable automatic updates, but having the feature enabled by default, or at least if an always-on Internet connection is detected, could go a long way toward reducing the impact of worms like SoBig.

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