Toshiba preps iPod-killer

The Register has details on Toshiba's Gigabeat, an iPod-killer that should debut in the fall. The Gigabeat has a 20GB hard drive and is thinner and lighter than Apple's portable audio player. Toshiba's player also boasts WMA and USB 2.0 support, and a claimed 11 hours of battery life.

The Gigabeat's 160x86 backlit LCD screen should be more than enough for music playback and probably a few other applications, but it's unclear whether Toshiba will ship the device with anything other than music playback software. Enterprising coders have been hacking new features into iPods for some time, and Apple ships units with a notes reader and a handful of games, so Toshiba will have to make an effort in the software department if it wants to equal the iPod's expanding capabilities.

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