Spammer speaks out on filtering

TR reader indeego spotted this interesting post over at Slashdot that sums up an apparent spammer's thoughts on email filtering. Would you believe that the spammer actually supports filtering?
As a professional sender of UCE, I just want to tell you slashdotters to keep on playing with your spam filters. As long as you use spam filters on your e-mail, I can continue to reach my real intended targets, those non-slashdotters who do not know better and will buy my products or click through to my client's websites. Your filters really help cut down on the complaints to the Internet service providers I do business with, and as long as not too many complaints come in their marketing people assure me we can do business. Of course, I still waste your bandwidth and mailbox capacity, but you no longer complain to, my access providers, or anyone else who might cause me problems. My yahoo and hotmail and other accounts for replies are lasting much longer before getting shut down because someone complained to these service providers. And my clients are even reporting that they can start mailing out 800 numbers like 1-800-901-3719 again and they will not have you damn geeks set up your modems to keep autodialing them, since you spend your own time and effort to filter the e-mail and only clueless users who might actually call will see the numbers.
The spammer's got a point.
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