Game soundtracks submitted for Grammies

The Game Audio Network Guild is submitting 40 game soundtracks to the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences for the next round of Grammy awards. Previously, the guild has been successful in getting individual game soundtracks included in existing Grammy categories such as Best Score Soundtrack, but the aim of this latest effort is to get game soundtracks a category all their own.

Chris Vrenna's breathtaking soundtrack for American McGee's Alice didn't make the guild's list, which is a little disappointing. I've had the Alice soundtrack for nearly two years, and it still sends shivers up my spine. It's been a while since a movie soundtrack has had the same effect.

The composition of in-game audio has improved quite a bit over the years, and I can only hope better audio quality follows. With a number of true 24-bit audio cards on store shelves, it would be a shame if games kept using relatively low-quality MP3 audio. Some games are beginning to ship with an extra CD containing super-high-resolution textures for those with plenty of graphics horsepower, so it shouldn't be a huge leap for developers to serve up another disc with real CD quality audio for those of us with sound cards, speakers, and ears good enough to hear the difference.

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