Michael David, a very sharp-eyed reader with two first names, points out that this post is apparently the 100,000th post ever in the TR Forums. Congrats to Gerbil taimaishuu916 on making post number 100,000. That's a shocking number, but the forums have really grown in the past year or so. TR has been going for nearly four years now, but we got a late start on the whole forum thing. I didn't initially commit the effort needed to find and install quality forum software, because I figured news comments should be sufficient. Now that we've had decent forums for a while now, I wish we'd started that sooner.

Anyhow, we're making up for lost time, it would seem.

Oh, also, what do you guys think about the possibility of a TR get-together? Maybe a series of regional TR get-togethers? Discuss in the forum thread here.

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