Sony and NVIDIA could team up for PS3

CNN is running an interesting story suggesting that NVIDIA is in talks with Sony to provide the graphics chip for the PlayStation 3.
Sony and nVidia (NVDA: Research, Estimates), for their part, aren't saying much about the whispers. Sony spokesperson Teresa Weaver said the company "hasn't made any announcements" regarding the PS3 - including a formal announcement that there would be a PS3.

nVidia was a little more forthcoming - but not much.

"We've always said we'd be happy to be in any game console," nVidia spokesperson Carrie Cowan told me recently. "We were pleased with the success of Xbox and feel nVidia helped elevate it to where it is today."

Landing a PlayStation 3 contract would certainly help NVIDIA save face after losing the Xbox 2 to ATI, but it's hard to know where a traditional graphics chip might fit into the PS3's new "Cell" architecture.
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