Game developers face rising costs

The BBC is running a story on the rising cost of console game development that could have ramifications for the PC game industry.
Making a title for the successors to the PlayStation 2, Xbox and GameCube could run into $20 or $30 million, game developers meeting in London were told.

But the price of a game in the shops is likely to stay the same

For developers, there are costs associated with transitioning development from one platform to another, but the time and money needed to create games that take advantage of all the extra power and capabilities offered by new platforms is the real drain.

The fear in the console gaming industry is that smaller development houses won't be able to afford to make games for next generation consoles, and will be swallowed up by larger companies. The same thing could happen to smaller PC game developers who must keep pace with the capabilities of the latest and greatest graphics cards and raw processor power offered by even mid-range systems.

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