0.09-micron Prescott on track

The latest report over at The Inquirer confirms that Intel's 0.09-micron Prescott processor is on schedule and won't be plagued by delays that have pushed the 0.09-micron "Dothan" Pentium M into 2004. Prescott will reportedly dissipate 103W of heat when it debuts, which means we're probably in for a noisy cooler. Intel is apparently working on a new stepping that should run cooler than its predecessor, but there's no telling how long after Prescott's launch the new stepping will debut.

Intel's 0.09-micron notebook and desktop chips appear to both be having similar heat dissipation issues, but thus far only the mobile Dothan Pentium M seems to be delayed. Heat dissipation is a bigger problem for laptop form factors than it is for desktop systems, but I suspect that AMD's impending Athlon 64 launch also has something to do with Intel's willingness to bring a 103W Prescott to market. Let's hope they don't have to strap on a Dustbuster.

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