Samsung rolls out 1600MHz GDDR2

Samsung has announced the production of 256Mb GDDR2 memory chips rated for operation all the way up to 1600MHz. The chips are also compliant with the GDDR3 standard that could be ratified by JEDEC as early as next month.

Samsung's new chips will make it easy to pack up to 512MB of memory onto a single graphics card, and samples have already shipped to leading manufacturers. The memory won't be cheap, and cards featuring the new chips probably won't be available right away, but I suspect that we'll see at least one ultra high-end version of ATI and NVIDIA's next graphics flagships using the chips. VisionTek is already using 700MHz GDDR2 memory in the Xtasy 9800 Pro 256MB, and while 512MB of graphics memory goes far above and beyond overkill, GDDR2 at 1600MHz is still quite attractive because of the staggering memory bandwidth it can offer.

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