Shacknews takes on Activision

Every time I see the word "exclusive" plastered all over a review, download, or footage on CNN, I cringe, so I had to smile when I read this story over at Shacknews. Originally, Activision's much-anticipated Call of Duty demo was to be a Gamespy-exclusive download, forcing gamers to subscribe to Gamespy's FilePlanet service. In time, the demo would surely have been available on BitTorrent and other peer-to-peer networks, but there was a principle at stake.

Shacknews' Steve Gibson wrote an open letter to Activision requesting that the Call of Duty demo be freely downloadable from any site. A total of twelve leading gaming sites pledged not to offer the Call of Duty demo even after its exclusivity period ended, and lo and behold, Activision listened. Not only will the Call of Duty demo be freely available to all gamers, it'll show up tonight, just in time for the long weekend. Score one for the little guy--and for the plastic cowboy hat.

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