Ok, it's time for me to cave in and buy a laptop. I've been able to borrow laptops for occasional use at trade shows and the like until now, but I'm traveling enough now I need something that's my own.

What I'm looking for is pretty simple, but perhaps unique. I want a laptop from which I can check e-mail, surf the web, post news, edit photos, and write articles—nothing fancy, but this is a machine intended specifically for traveling. The smaller, thinner, and lighter, the better. Long battery life, ruggedness, and a good keyboard are musts. I'll need a modem, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi capabilities, too. DVD playback would be a nice plus, but is not a requirement. I don't expect 3D graphics. You guys have any suggestions that are maybe off the usual map of choices? I'm really looking for something especially small and portable, so the usual array of Dell/HP "desktop replacements" and slighty-less-thans is probably out of the picture.

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